Book Description

Miracle is the charming, emotionally driven new young adult novel by Phillipa Vincent-Connolly that explores the difficulties of being perceived as different, and the value of beauty within.

Orianna Stewart is a bright and ambitious sixth form student at Wimborne Upper School, working hard with hopes of going on to study fashion and art at university. While school is tough and meeting the demands of competitive entry grades can be gruelling, academic pressure is the least of her worries. Orianna has cerebral palsy, which makes life as a teenager that much more difficult, especially when she is constantly judged by her outward appearance. But then one day she meets a gorgeous boy called Ashley; he’s adorable, handsome, and she believes, way out of her league. But just as things are looking up, events take a turn for the worst, and Orianna finds herself wishing for a miracle to save her…


Looking around me for a moment, I felt a twinge of hope that I would bump into a cute, intelligent guy in the non-fiction section, just like movie characters did. Hopelessly romantic, I knew that such a scenario would never include the likes of me. Outside, the pavement was packed with people; mothers pulling their screaming kids along, grumpy husbands who wanted to go home and watch the football, and young women giggling and chattering as they struggled to carry their many purchases. The media told us daily that we were in a recession; there was a “credit crunch”. Watching all this retail therapy made me seriously question that. I was in a quiet haven, glued to my seat, thumbing through my potential purchase, when I happened to look up and spot an incredible-looking guy, who had just entered the store. He also was looking through the books on art and design. The thing about him that I just couldn’t ignore were his amazing blue eyes; they reminded me of miniature swimming pools. He didn’t notice me, but then I was unnoticeable…I was sitting down. Thank God I was, I thought. At least he couldn’t judge me; I looked like any “normal” person perusing a book.


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