Book Description

Anne Boleyn is the charming, emotionally driven new, (still in process of writing), young adult novel by Phillipa Vincent-Connolly that explores  Anne Boleyn's meteoric rise at the Tudor Court in England as she becomes Henry's confidant, passion and eventually, second wife.  However.this is no ordinary historical fiction novel - An enthusiastic young history student  from the 21st century, finds herself capable of changing Anne's fate through conspiracy, respect for Anne's desire to encourage the King with The Reformation, as well as a  passion to save Anne from herself and her well documented fate.  Anne is a woman five-hundred years before her time; Lizzie perceives that her friend is very different to women of her generation and time. While assisting Anne at court is full or peril, Lizzie shows fortitude of spirit and resourcefulness in tough, almost life-threatening circumstances; meeting the demands of Anne, whilst trying to change the course of history. But will she and Anne be dectected and both condemned to a french swordsman?

Jacket Blurb

Beth, an enthusiastic university student, rummages haphazardly around a dusty, disorganised office, searching for the resources of her favourite history professor. 

She gets the shock of her life when she stumbles across a gold cypher ring which opens up a mysterious portal, leading  into Tudor England and Hever Castle, during the meteoric rise of the second wife of King Henry VIII who we all know as Queen Anne Boleyn.

Can Beth save the lady from her well documented downfall? Or will she and Anne both be detected and condemned to the strike of the French swordsman?

Only the ring has the answer.

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